For Magnum-D

Magnum-D Ltd, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, was founded in 1996 as a distribution company focused on wholesale distribution and sales.

Our main business is local and international supply and distribution of air conditioners and household appliances, consumer electronics, televisions also small household appliances.

With a business experience spanning over 25 years, we have built a solid reputation of trust, integrity and professionalism. All of our operations are guided by procedures that are followed internally as well as by outside consultants, resulting in a great organization and financial structure. Transactions are only completed when we are confident that all agreements can be met and all promises kept. The overall process and business negotiations are based on mutual trust and mutual interest, but conducted in a friendly and informal manner.

We pride ourselves on our established network of suppliers and long term relationships with our customers coming from a variety of backgrounds ranging from factories, distributors, retailers and many other project based customers.
Our international network of reliable suppliers, customers and logistics partners has been the main pillar of our success and has enabled us to achieve our goals and deliver orders on time.